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SR200 - SR300

Datacard Group is a driving force in virtually every major card program around the world. Secure ID and card personalization solutions are used to issue millions of financial cards and identification documents each day. Datacard Group printers

SP25 | SP35 | SP55 | SP75 | SD260/360

More than 30 years ago, Datacard made mass issuance of credit cards economical when they invented systems for high-volume plastic card personalization-forever changing the way consumers conduct transactions. Today, Datacard high-volume card issuance solutions outsell all other brands combined. Datacard Group built on this heritage to redefine secure identity technology. Datacard introduced their first digital photo ID systems more than a decade ago. Since then, corporations, governments and other security-minded organizations have made Datacard the world's most popular brand of secure ID solutions.

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Datacard Plus SP25
DATACARD SR200 and SR300


With its innovative retransfer printing technology, the SR200 / SR300 printers offer unique functionality – namely the ability to achieve over-the-edge printing and exceptional image quality on non-PVC card surfaces that cannot normally be used in direct-to-card printing.

Datacard Plus SP25
Datacard Plus SP25

The SR200 / SR300 printers are much like their predecessor, the RP90 Plus E card printer, but with the following enhancements:

  • A single-side printer (SR200) along with a dual-side printer (SR300)
  • Electronic locks control access to the input card hopper, ribbon and transfer film
  • Support for a Kensington® lock
  • Black panel security erase on all non-Peel Off ribbons
  • Optional single-side laminator (LM200) along with dual-side laminator (LM300)
  • Wireless infrared interface between the printer and the laminator
  • Reduces weight by 20 lbs
  • Shrinks footprint by 15 sq in
  • Lowers base model list price by 28%

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Datacard Plus SP25


Datacard Plus SP25The affordable Datacard Plus SP25 card printer combines high-quality, dye sublimation and rewritable card printing technology in an efficient design ideal for single-card printing applications. Customers can use this innovative, dual-function printer to produce color photo IDs, rewritable cards or cards that utilize both technologies. Rewritable printing allows you to erase and rewrite cards over 500 times with dynamic information, such as loyalty points, class schedules or a temporary visitor ID.



There are many selling points of the SP25 card printer; however the following are key points to use while promoting the SP25 card printer.

Quick Specifications:

  • Single sided edge-to-edge dye sublimation printing and/or rewritable printing (erasing and writing)
  • Manual card feed
  • Full color or black monochrome imaging – no separate options
  • 30 seconds per card YMCKT print speed
  • 7.2 seconds per card K print speed
  • 20 seconds for full erase and write
  • Twelve month standard depot warranty for printer
  • Twelve month printhead warranty - no pass restrictions
  • Magnetic stripe encoding IAT or NTT option

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Datacard Plus SP35


Datacard Plus SP35The Datacard® Plus SP35 card printer delivers an unbeatable combination of high performance and low cost for low-volume card programs. It is like nothing you have seen before for issuing ID cards, gift and loyalty cards, membership cards, hotel room keys and more.


The SP35 card printer gives you fast print speeds, superb image quality and simple operation at a value price. Good looks and a compact size make the printer a welcome addition to any desktop. If you recognize how plastic cards can benefit your operation, but have been waiting for printers to come down in price, size and complexity, your moment has arrived.

The SP35 card printer personalizes up to 120 full-color and up to 500 one-color cards per hour. Despite its fast operation, this attractive printer weighs less than nine pounds and is easily transportable, letting you print cards in a confined workspace.

The SP35 card printer leverages the Datacard® exclusive Advanced Imaging Technology™ to produce vivid, life-like full or one-color photos, graphics and text across a card's entire surface. The technology uses optimized print ribbons and user-adjustable controls to yield smooth, uniform solid backgrounds, improved color matching with image capture devices, enhanced bar code printing and sharp reproduction of lines and fine text.

The SP35 card printer gives you optional magnetic stripe and integrated smart card capabilities, including contactless smart cards, with a simple field upgrade. These technologies can make your cards compatible with access control and other automated systems across your enterprise, creating new opportunities to increase security and efficiency. You can also purchase multiple printers now, knowing you can always upgrade to magnetic stripes and smart cards in the future.

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Datacard Plus SP55



Datacard Plus SP55The powerful Datacard® Plus SP55 card printer offers the speed and features to meet your current requirements and the flexibility to keep pace with changes in your card program.

We integrated the power and functionality of a professional-grade card printer with the plug-and-play simplicity of a desktop printer. The result is another breakthrough in technology-the Datacard® SP55 card printer.


This versatile, new printer is advanced enough to meet the demands of high-profile security programs, yet easy and affordable enough for enterprises launching their first card programs.

The Datacard SP55 card printer delivers high-quality photo IDs that elevate security programs to entirely new levels. Smart card, magnetic stripe, bar code and proximity options make it easy to create multi-technology IDs that provide authorized users with secure access to facilities, networks and other privileges. For consumer marketers, this new printer serves as a powerful platform for highly profitable loyalty programs. The design of the Datacard SP55 card printer is based on more than 10 years of market experience, and it anticipates the emerging needs of your card program.

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Datacard Plus SP75


Datacard Plus SP75The Datacard® Plus SP75 card printer delivers a powerful and unprecedented combination of advanced security and extreme reliability. It is designed to protect critical assets and enhance security in government and corporate environments. Plus, it provides the high-quality output and fast, dependable operation that colleges, universities and other cost-consciousorganizations demand from a desktop card printer.


Built on the same proven platform as Datacard® SP Series card printers, the SP75 card printer is engineered for high reliability. Its design features fewer moving parts and a significantly higher duty cycle, enabling it to deliver outstanding productivity and consistent performance.

The SP75 card printer is also exceptionally versatile. It can laminate cards printed by another printer or print cards without laminating, as well as apply the same laminate to both sides or different laminates to each side of the card. As part of an integrated solution, it can issue contactless and contact smart cards, proximity cards and IDs with magnetic stripes and bar codes.

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SD260 SD260 SD260
DATACARD sd260/SD360




Datacard SD360 two-sided and SD260 one-sided card printers are packed with industry-leading innovations that make desktop ID card printing simple and economical.

SD Series printers are ideal for small- to medium-sizedbusinesses, schools, hospitals, fitness clubs, any anyone Datacard SD360who prints ID’s as part of their busy workday. With their competitive features and price, SD Series printers are a great value.


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