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VALCam 9000



Video Associates Labs (VAL™) designs, manufactures and sells personal computer-based audio and video products worldwide. For more than a twenty-five years, the company has been a recognized technology pioneer developing broadcast and interactive video related products.

Valcam Pro Deluxe System
Valcam Pro Deluxe


The VALCam Pro is specifically designed to capture the highest quality images for transfer to ID badge cards as quickly and efficiently as possible. No longer will lengthy video capture times slow you down. Val knows where the bottlenecks are and they have tackled those problems head on. The innovative strobe lighting and flash options guarantee high quality images in any situation, even dark rooms. Valcam Pro offers a complete solution including camera, PCI or PCMCIA capture card, strobe light or flash, software drivers, and mounting hardware. For laptop users we offer a stand-alone or upgrade kit that provides the same features as the desktop version.

  • High quality Pan/Tilt/Zoom or Zoom camera. (more than 467 lines), VideoVue PCI card, software, cables, and mounting hardware
  • Mouse control of Zoom, and Pan and Tilt
  • 18X optical zoom (72X digital zoom)
  • Includes synchronized Flash or Strobe Lamp with software exposure control
  • Same system works on both Desktop and Laptop (PCMCIA card available)
  • Twain driver for instant integration with all major ID and graphic packages

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Valcam USB Zoom+
Valcam USB Zoom+

Valcam USB Zoom+

Video Associates Labs, the originator of high end image acquisition systems for photo-id applications, announces the introduction of our USB camera line. We have maintained the same high quality, speed and performance of our highly praised PCI based systems through a single USB connection.

  • Same High Quality, Performance, and Speed as our PCI based systems.
  • Fully USB compatible. Only one USB cable connection to the computer.
  • Includes High Intensity Photo-Flash. Perfect captures from 18 inches to 14 feet from camera.
  • Software control of optical Pan, Tilt, and Zoom (8000-630) or Zoom only (8000-628).
  • Twain compatible. Works with all major applications.
  • Real time live preview window and fast snap captures.
  • All cameras have auto-focus and high S/N ratio for clear shimmering quality.
  • Upgrade kit available for older existing systems. Convert your older VALCams to the new USB interface.
  • Full Featured Software Developers Kits (SDK) with complete control of all system functions. Includes examples in Visual C++, VB, Delphi, and .Net

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