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TransCam DC


Finally, a great low-cost digital camera solution made especially for ID badging applications. The TransCam DC Digital ID Camera Solution combines the superior image quality of a high resolution digital camera with a live video capture software interface that makes capturing images for ID badging applications faster and easier than ever.

The TransCam DC’s non-proprietary USB interface will work with any TWAIN-compliant ID badging application. The system provides on screen controls for most of the major camera functions, including zoom, flash, exposure, white balance, and more!



TRANSCAM (enlarge)


We now also have the TransCam AC (Auto Crop). This package has all the same features of the TransCam DC, but has an added feature which detects the location the subject’s fTRANSCAMace, and automatically positions and sizes a crop box over the face, saving the time and effort it takes to crop each photo individually.

This is especially useful in applications where large numbers of people must be processed quickly.

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